Why I do what I do: A Retrospective

Hey, guys.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I’m getting about 40 hits a day, which is impressive, as 1.) I’m not really advertising it – apart from automatically posting to Facebook; and 2.) It’s only been a week.

Short blog post today, because I have a full day.   I am writing five times a week on my blog, not because I’m a narcissist (wait… putting my life online publicly for all of you to see?  Short of a reality TV show, even I’m not sure I believe this claim…) – but for the sole reason that I want to get into the habit of writing stupid crap every day.   Maybe one day, I’ll start writing that novel again that I put down several months ago.

This blog may evolve from being a personal diary of my absurd life.  What? I don’t know.  But I’ve been thinking about putting some short stories (i.e., lies and misinformation) here… let’s see if you can decipher what’s what.  (Note: Everything to date has actually happened…  Or has it?!?!???)

So everybody: stay cool, keep doing what you do and I’ll catch ya tomorrow.


About No Disrespect

A little schmuck in a big world
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