Online Dating Issues: A Series

Over the weekend, I decided to throw my hat (finally) into the online dating world.  Let’s face it: I’ve not been meeting anyone lately, and it’ll be really nice to have some male attention splashed on me… summer romances are nice, when it’s not 105 degrees outside.  (No kidding, DC is supposed to have a heat index of 105 today… I might as well pack up and move back to TX…)  And yeah, I’m not getting any younger, so if I don’t get the ball rolling now with the dating thing, I won’t get married (eventually) and ergo, have my 2.3 bratty kids roaming around aimlessly egging your house…

Courtesy of my future spawn...

Courtesy of my future spawn...

So it began.  I put up my picture on two online websites, and wrote up pretty thoughtful, detailed profiles of myself.  I told perspective daters what I am and definitely NOT looking for.  Except, that now, after three days, I probably shouldn’t have bothered; nobody seems to be reading/comprehending what I said.

I’m already complainin’…  and I haven’t even MET anyone yet(!)

In this blog post, I’ll focus on one of many issues that has plagued me in the first few days in this nebulous sphere.  Future posts will elaborate more on the creatures that crawl out from under their rocks to email me… and maybe some successes.  Here’s to hoping!

A danger of being an Indian girl online is that there are a lot of Indian men abroad who are looking for US Green Cards.  It is expected that several Indian people from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Middle East/Africa will contact you asking you to call them.  (And yes, their phone number is included in their reply…)  Even though it might sound stupid, my friends recommended that even if I don’t care about the race of the men I date (and I don’t), I should be very clear in my profile that I will not contact men from the Indian Subcontinent/Middle East/Africa.  Why????  Because:

  • I am American and not Old World.  First generation Indian men (not all of them, but a majority) want a woman to marry right away so that they can emigrate; and then we are expected to shut the hell up, put on some traditional garb, cook, clean and pop out babies.  While I actually LOVE cooking and cleaning (it relaxes me… don’t judge), the minute it is expected of me, my stubbornness comes out in force.  Yes folks,  as a person that was born and raised in the good ol’ US of A, I believe in the equality of the sexes.  A man can wield a vacuum just as much as a woman.  And I can mow the lawn and take out the trash.
  • There will likely be a language barrier.  His English will be broken.  My Hindi will be nonexistent.  (I understand, but can’t speak.)  My humor will go over his head, and that’s just not going to cut it…
  • Despite what you see on television, American women (on the whole) are not “easy.”  You are propositioning the wrong girl.  If I really wanted to get laid by a stranger quickly, first I’ll put on my skimpiest clothes and my tallest heels.  And at around 2:30AM, I’ll stand on the curb at L Street, NW for about five minutes.  Less effort… and I’ll actually get PAID!  For those inquiries, I suggest you go to Craigslist.
  • And most importantly, I’m not going to fly 5,000 miles to meet/date you.   There are plenty of Indian (as well as other men) in the States.  And yes, even in DC!  Wow!!!

    That's 12-14 hours of my life, buddy!  You so BETTER be worth it!

    That's 12-14 hours of my life, buddy! You so BETTER be worth it!

Percentage of email contact from abroad: 99%   Sigh.

NOTE: I hope there is a Part 2, 3, and Infinity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole experiment ends in failure.  Let’s wait and see…


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