Six Things I Learned this Week

It’s Saturday, and like most of the week, it was a wash. I have done (and accomplished) absolutely nothing of note… ahhh, just another week in my household. High expectations, where are you?

So to appease and amuse myself, here’s some stuff that I DID learn this week:

1.) Cats and Diet Coke don’t mix. I learned this by accident. On Thursday, my cat knocked a bottle over and started to drink it. Afterwards, she was awake for 12 hours straight, which contributed to my lackluster week.

Yeah, not a good idea either

Yeah, not a good idea either

2.) DC is confusing. Did you know that along Farragut Square in Washington, DC, both streets to the left and right of the square are 17th Street?!?!??? I used to work in this neighborhood and thought that I knew downtown pretty well… and yet, I still got lost trying to find where I was supposed to go.

3.) Bring a damn umbrella whenever you’re out and about, especially during Springtime. ‘Nuff said.

That was me... but without the umbrella

That was me... but without the umbrella

4.) You can steal a bike by being an a$$hole and putting another U-lock on said bike frame/wheel. Then when the assuming owner comes and realizes that he can’t unlock his bike, you wait him out. Then unlock the bike, break his existing chain/U-lock and leave. (This actually happened to someone…) Disclaimer: I am not liable for any bikes being stolen.  I trust you will use this knowledge for good.

This is a NO TOOL zone

This is a NO TOOL zone

5.) Sadly, I realized that I’m a bit of a tool. Someone anglicized my very Indian name in High School, and I’ve rolled with it for over fifteen years. Recently, I ran into an Indian dude who’s name is Pradan, but goes by “Prad.” I realized, in that one second, that he was a tool. It’s almost as bad as my nickname though. I am now considering going by my given name going forward. Which is great, except that 1.) only my family and oldest friends call me by my real name, so it’s weird when others say it; and 2.) It is always mispronounced by American mouths. Honestly, in the scope of Indian names, my parents gave me one of the easier ones, so the first time you get it wrong, I’ll correct you. The second time, a swift kick is in order…

AND 6.) Starting a new habit is very hard. I’m just impressed that I stuck to it and wrote five blog entries this week. Yay, me!!! No’s #1!!!!!!


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