Sick Day!

Today I was going to branch out and write something that was not about me, myself and I. But alas, I caught some bug and now am holed up at home between naps needing something to do. Ohhhh yeah… I’m sick.


I feel ya, anonymous woman!

Luckily, apart from minor physical complaints that come up periodically, I have not been getting sick… you know, SICK SICK lately. My luck changed overnight.

I’m not going to get into it with you about what prompted me to learn that I was sick, but believe you/me, it was nasty. Oy. I haven’t done much of anything in two days and just want to vent that the Central A/C isn’t doing anything for me. (A/C, vent… get it?!?!???? Yea, even when I’m sick, my jokes are lame.) I’m sitting in a sports bra and some ratty shorts, trying to type these words. Except that my eyesight is kind of blurry, so this blog today is a whole exercise in frustration.

But on the bright side, it’s supposed to hit 90 degrees outside today, with tons o’humidity, so everybody else must be feeling as hot, sweaty and nasty as I do… Ahhhh, suffer alongside me, my friends!!!!


About No Disrespect

A little schmuck in a big world
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