Illinois State Society: The Reception(!)

I know, I lead an exciting life.

After spending the day staring at my feet, trying to keep my cat occupied (and not on me)… and occasionally working, I set out for an amazing night of free appetizers, drinkage Elmer Ellsworthand pleasant conversation with a bunch of Midwesterners at the Illinois State Society Annual Meeting.

My friend Amy Wonder kindly invited me to the event.  A speech on the life and death of Civil War Hero (and first Union casualty) Elmer Ellsworth was in store for us… followed by storytelling and a jazz flautist.   Amazing performances!

I’m not going to get into the life and times of Elmer.  That’s what Wikipedia is for.  (But if you are too lazy… here you go!  But it’s a fascinating story; if you’re in the Washington DC area, go see his exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.  You got until March 2012 to see him in the… um… canvas – so book your tickets now!   (Thank dog you can’t see him in the flesh… he was apparently the first person to be fully embalmed… ever!)

… And can I add, for a 19th Century bloke, Mr. Ellsworth was definitely a cutey…  Hubba Hubba!

Let’s start with the good news: ISS’s financial status is sound. They also elected a new board of directors consisting of people I don’t know… or couldn’t vote for since I kinda am not a member… shhhhhh!

Bad news: I definitely took advantage of the free food.  (The mushroom ravioli was divine!)  When I stepped on the scale today, it was not a pretty scene…


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