High School Drama Redux… ZOMBIE VERSION

I thought about putting this one up as a Facebook status update, but thought better of it…

Somebody from my High School runs a Facebook Group called “Gone, Not Forgotten.” Once you join, anyone can post to it, sharing who has passed away: students, faculty and staff. They have a cumulative list going from the 1970s-today. Going through the list, it has saddened me to learn who has passed away; I knew many of them.

Turns out a few people are still alive and kicking. Some have come onto the FB page itself, claiming that they are, indeed, still of the Earth. What astonishes me is that some others are providing documented proof that they have passed (i.e.,local media reports). While I have no reason to doubt that zombies do not rule the world (yet…), the back and forth between the “dead” and the alive has become blackishly delicious!

Every day, now when I log into my computer, my daily routine has become to check my email accounts, BBC News, Gawker, Facebook and then the BlahBlahBlah High School Gone, Not Forgotten Page. Amusement all around.

(Note: Yeah, this is the second day in a row I have updated this blog. Let’s see how long this habit lasts…)


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One Response to High School Drama Redux… ZOMBIE VERSION

  1. Molly Rodriguez says:

    Wow, I had no idea about that Gone But Not Forgotten group. Morbid, yet important and informative. Thanks for alerting me to its existence!

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