The Real REAL first post

Earlier today, a blog post appeared on my Facebook page, seemingly written by me.  The “fake blog” surprised me.  Frankly, that person appeared to be a loser.  And yes, I’m judging him/her because 1.) I’m on the internet, and apparently, ergo, can insult as I please on this medium; and 2.) Upon further exploration, s/he broke into this particular blog which I set up in 2010 (and never used), and tried to make ME out to be a loser(!)

What a loser!

No harm.  Passwords have been changed.   Dignity has been (somewhat) restored.

So, this blog won’t be about my purported self-discovery as once claimed (You know, that actually sounds pretty dirty… I like it!)  However, my general misanthropy, acute observational skills (i.e., low budget complaints… warning: progression to maniacal rantings are likely),  and my often misguided views on the world will be in full force.

Yo, to the fake blog dude/tte:  I’m just not that deep.  I’m as deep as a sidewalk puddle.

I’ll write when I please and/or when I’m looking to waste time.

And with that, it’s time to get back to my previously scheduled day.


About No Disrespect

A little schmuck in a big world
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One Response to The Real REAL first post

  1. JL says:

    “general misanthropy, acute observational skills”

    Ha !! This sounds like the blog that I started and abandoned and restarted and re-abandoned and am thinking of restarting again !!

    Have fun !!!

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